MANTRAS OF MAGNATES: the mottos and phrases used by the best to find success, happiness and fulfilment

Tim Ferris – notable American Investor, hugely popular pod-caster, author, and mushroom-coffee advocat – is someone worth listening to. Love or hate his human guinea-pig style of maximising life and performance (it can feel a little in-authentic form any), it is worth taking at least some advice from a man who was an early investor in Uber and Shopify.

In his Podcast (The Tim Ferris Show) and books (Tools of Titans, Tribe of Mentors), Ferris seeks our advice from the best in their field. Whether they be well-known Billionaires , chess prodigies, high-performance coaches or polymaths, there is always a useful nugget of information to take from his life-long quest for knowledge.

Here are some of his listeners favourite mottos, maxims and mantras.